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Third Grade Veteran's Day Choir

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Parent Meeting

for choir is Thurs. Aug. 18th at 5:45 in the music room.

I look forward to meeting you and will be glad to answer any questions. You may also pay for your choir shirt ($10) & donation ($10) at that time as well.


Third Grade Choir starts Tuesday, August 30th

Students will come to the music room at dismissal time and practice until 3:45.

If you are picking your child up from practice, drive around the building and stop outside the music room door before rounding the corner to the front of the building. We will exit out that side door.

If you do not want to wait in line, you may park in front of the building and walk in to get them.

Our After School Program is also available until 6 pm if you need to enroll.

I look forward to seeing you  (and hearing you) Tuesday!

Songs for Veterans Day:

Click "files" above to hear songs we will be singing in the program. There are only 2 there now but I will be adding more in the next few days!