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McCrary, Kent Principal
Travillian, Melissa Assistant Principal

Abrams, Stacey Third Grade Teacher
Bailey, Jan Third Grade Teacher
Burton-Cox, Gay Fifth Grade Teacher
Camp, David Fourth Grade Teacher
Davis, Emily Learning Specialist
Dent, Meghan Learning Specialist
Edds, Lisa Fifth Grade Teacher
Forkner, Amy Learning Specialist
Fowler, Lynda Fifth Grade Teacher
Garcia, Michelle Fifth Grade Teacher
Harden, LaTasha Learning Specialist
Hill, Leslie Media Specialist
Holland, Shellie Third Grade Teacher
Hollis, Judy Third Grade Teacher
Holsomback, Connie Fourth Grade Teacher
Landry, Ernie Horizon Teacher
Lane, Rhonda Music Teacher
Lunsford, Kim Fourth Grade Teacher
Maretti, Leann Third Grade Teacher
McCarver, Keshia Learning Specialist
McCrary, Kent Principal
Nowell, Gina Physical Education Teacher
Otting, Kristen Fifth Grade Teacher
Parker, Judy Fourth Grade Teacher
Payne, Norma Fifth Grade Teacher
Pennington, Faith Fourth Grade Teacher
Pierce, Pam Title 1 Intervention
Powell, Susan EIP/Title 1 Teacher
Sasada, Tonya Fourth Grade Teacher
Sims, Ashlee Fourth Grade Teacher
Smith, Lauren Academic Coach
Smith, Sarah Learning Specialist
Smith, Suzanne Title 1 Reading/ Computer Lab Instructor
Stallings, Robin Third Grade Teacher
Trautwein, Barbara Speech Therapist
Wilson, Hillary Third Grade Teacher
Wolfe, Kelly Guidance Counselor
Womack, Craig Learning Specialist
Young, Becky Third Grade Teacher

Bradford, Jamie Paraprofessional
Dorn, Sandy School Registrar
Edwards, Lorie School Bookkeeper
Flores, Sherrie School Receptionist and After School Program Director
Frady, Colleen Cafeteria
Fulps, Arnold Custodian
Garner, Victoria Computer Technician
Hastick, Jenny Cafeteria Manager
Holland, Kathy Paraprofessional
Hourihan, Sharon Cafeteria
McNabb, Doris Paraprofessional
Millwood, Alycin Cafeteria Assistant Manager
Peterson, Sara Parent Coordinator and Paraprofessional
Stanley, Cheney Paraprofessional
Wilson, Bobby Head Custodian
Wright, Mindy School Nurse