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Michelle Garcia Staff Photo

Hey! This is Mrs. Garcia.  This is my twenty-first year teaching at Battlefield Elementary School and my 15th year teaching 5th grade. I graduated high school in Lubbock, Texas (Go TEXAS TECH), received my Bachelor's degree in 1998 from the University of West Georgia, my Master's degree from Tusculum, and my Specialist degree from Lincoln Memorial University.  

I've been married for 30 amazing years and have been blessed with two beautiful children, Ashley and Jordan, one grandson and another grandson on the way for Christmas.  I've lived in Georgia, Washington, California, and Texas.  I am a Bulldog fan, but am loyal to my Texas Longhorns, Dallas Cowboys, and San Diego Chargers.

I LOVE teaching.  I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else.  I have a few rules in my classroom which mostly consists of respecting one another.  When I give students respect, they always give respect back.  I'm here to teach and to learn.  I want to be a teacher that your child doesn't fear as he/she walks into the classroom.  I want them to feel that they can always come to me for help, advice, and can always ask questions.  I also want them to smile as they leave for the day and wake up in the morning excited to come to school. 

I'm looking forward to a wonderful year.  I have great expectations for your child and hold those expectations high.  I will never give them more than I think they can handle.  This year will be no different from the others. When we work, we work hard.  When we play, we play even harder.  I don't believe in lots of homework because I feel that family time is very important.  But in return, while we are at school, we will work hard.  It's going to be a great year!