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B.S in Early childhood education and special education from UTC


This is my first year at BES! I am very excited to continue my teaching career at this WONDERFUL SCHOOL.

Before I was at BES I taught three years at RPS in Ringgold as a learning specialist and one year as a kindergarten teacher in Hamilton County. I have been teaching in a daycare while going to school for ten years! 


Hi! I am originally from California and this is my 6th year living in the South. As you can guess it is very different, but I love living here! I've been working with kids for 10+ years now and I can honestly say I cant picture myself doing anything else! I am very close with my family and extended family so being far from them is hard, but I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with a great work from and friends. In my spare time I enjoy relaxing with my two cats (Callie, Rue) that are rescues from a shelter and going on walks with my Pomeranian (Pukka). I love enjoying all the beautiful scenery Hamilton and Catoosa county has to offer its not hard to find me outside with my friends.