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Another topic of interest indicated in our Fall Survey was how to Motivate your Child to Read for Enjoyment.  The next three weeks in January, I will be including some information on the website with some ideas on making reading more fun.  - Andra Herpst, Parent Involvement Coordinator

Week 2:

Cooking – A lot of the resources I looked at to find ways to encourage your student to read mentioned cooking as an excellent opportunity.  They can read the recipe, make a grocery list, look for sales on the items needed in grocery ads, help you shop at the grocery store and then make the recipe at home and all of this will help make reading more fun. 

In her book, Games For Reading: Playful Ways to Help Your Read, Peggy Kaye gives the following tip, "When a child reads a recipe, he begins to appreciate that reading is a practical part of life” (Pantheon Books, a division of Random House, Inc. New York 1984 pg 179).

Week 1:

In the Raising A Reader - Tips for parents brochure the following information was included:

"Ways to Build Reading Skills:  Encourage your child to write - letters, a journal, etc.  Point out interesting stories in the newspaper for your child to read. Talk about them.  Have your child give you 'book reviews' on favorite stories."  

"Don't Stop Reading Together"

"Make Reading Hands-On:  Find books that show how to make things such as crafts or models.  Then work on them together.  Or have your child research a family project - how to make a family tree, for example." (2010. Channing Bete Company, Inc. South Deerfield, MA. Pg 8-9).


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